About us

About Big G's

Big G's Pizza on Clark St. is in the heart of Wrigleyville, just across the street from Wrigley Field. Thousands of Cubs fans have made Big G's their final destination after a game, and thousands of bar patrons have capped the night with some pizza after last call for alcohol.

Dinner time is low key and laid back providing a space that is welcoming to families and bumble dates. After the bars close Big G's metamorphosizes into the after party - pizza party. Our pizza will save you from tomorrow's hangover, and if you're lucky you might meet your significant other while discussing who ordered the better slice. Nothing takes off the edge like our pizza, supplemented with board games, and great music. Once in a while we sub out the tunes for some Netflix so you can go home and chill, but regardless you will always leave satisfied and planning your comeback before walking out the door.

Big G's offers a wide variety of NY style by the slice or by the whole pie pizza options, 43 and counting. Our menu proudly reflects the unique and beautiful diversity of Chicago. Within walking distance of the Metro live music venue, Big G's fills up with concert goers before and after shows. If you're looking for a quick bite to eat that's easy on the wallet there's no better choice in Wrigleyville.

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About Jaime Gamez

Big G's was born on May 7th, 2012, and is the brainchild of Jaime Gamez who started his pizza career in November of 2001 while attending the University of Wisconsin Madison. As a part time employee at a well known pizza shop on campus he learned the pizza trade from the bottom up and moved back to his home state of Illinois after graduating in Elementary Education in 2006. Having grown up in Highland Park, a suburb 18 miles north of Chicago, he was confident that his pizza knowledge and concept for a NY style pizza restaurant would be successful with the right location. For Jaime it was also really important to incorporate his food knowledge and experiences with different cultures to the menu. Jaime was born in Chicago, but has visited his parent's home country of Guatemala many times throughout his life and traveled to numerous countries to find food inspiration for the next special of the week.

Jaime’s favorite slice of pizza on the menu is the Jack Daniel's BBQ Pulled Pork with Onion Rings and Cheddar. Although Jaime didn't grow up eating spicy food, he was inspired by an ex-girlfriend from Mexico, and his friends who love spicy dishes to create a notorious spicy pizza called Dance with El Diablo. Jaime also has a devilish sweet tooth. As a result of having a taste for the sweeter things in life you will be happy to find another original recipe for a dessert pizza, The S'mores Pizza. Jaime has enjoyed hand tossing pizza dough for almost 20 years, and has formed close friendships with many of his customers, and he hopes to continue to do so for many more.

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The Community

Big G’s Pizza understands we are part of a larger community and without our customers, our neighbors, and local businesses who are constantly referring their patrons to our business we wouldn’t be here after so many years.

It’s always been important to take care of our community, and there was no better display of this truth, then when the pandemic started. In 2021, with the help of our supporters we were able to raise money to donate pizzas to over 50 hospitals and clinics in the city of Chicago. Over the course of two months Big G’s delivered 1300 large pizzas to hospital staff during the day and the graveyard shifts.

We also created a system for a portion of the donations to go towards families and individuals in need of a meal. In an effort to help anyone who had lost their job due to the pandemic we covered our wall in post it notes. Each post-it note represented a slice of pizza that had been paid for with a donation.

In an effort to also show our support for our first emergency responders we also hosted a virtual 5k during the summer of 2021. Over 40 participants signed up to support our cause. We donated pizzas to over a dozen fire departments and ambulance staff.

At Big G’s Pizza we offer a discount to first emergency responders and have been doing so since 2013. It’s our small way of showing our gratitude for the work they do to keep us safe.

Big G’s Pizza has also donated gift certificates to many different causes at local schools to raise money for school supplies, charitable organizations to help raise money for student scholarships, and for children with disabilities, and towards organizations on college campuses and in the greater city of Chicago to raise awareness and empower victims of sexual assault.

We will continue to care for and support our local community for as long as our doors are open because we know that what we do by selling pizza day to day isn’t possible without the people who come through our doors to enjoy our pizza. If we take care of people, the people will take care of us.

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• We are a minority-owned business
Only in America can a pair of Guatemalans put out a consistently great NY-style pizza crust with unique gourmet pizzas.

• We offer pizza by the slice in a city dominated by whole pizza pies.
• We offer the best NY-style pizza in Chicago where tavern style and deep dish dominate.
• Toppings on our pizza are fresh and never frozen

• Our pizza ingredients have been hand-picked after vetting out alternative options.
• Our recipes have been developed and refined in-house.
• We offer beverages and desserts that are just as unique as our gourmet pizza.